8 Effective Call Center Job Interview Tips

8 Effective Call Center Job Interview Tips

Below are top 8 of highly effective call center job interview tips, originally posted in our Instagram account curated to benefit job seekers applying in the BPO industry.

Tip 1 – First Impressions always count!

In the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new, they will have already formed a decision on what they think about you based on how you dress, what you say and how approach them.

Make sure you wear a clean & professional attire. Keep it simple by wearing black pants, clean plain tucked in T-shirt and a fitted blazer/jacket with comfortable enclosed shoes.

Grooming is essential, neat and tidy hair or shave, clean nails, simple makeup, lightly scented perfume/cologne.

Don’t over-do or over-think your outfit. Simple is always best. But please, don’t come in sneakers and casual clothes.

You need to show that you are prepared and ready to take on your new job!

Tip 2 – Arrive 15-20 minutes EARLY to your job interview!

Nothing says punctual and organised more than arriving early. Not just that, but the BPO company your meeting may have paper work for you to fill prior to your interview.

If you arrive just on time, you will be wasting your interview minutes and the companies time.

Arriving early also allows you to catch your breath, calm your nerves, tidy up your appearance and think about what you’re going to say in your interview!

Tip 3 – Smile, Be Confident😀😄

The best thing you can wear on your face is a smile, let that good energy flow outward to the world!

Smiling brings confidence and is contagious.. in a good way!

It’s a person’s natural instinct to smile back at someone. So when you walk thru those interview doors, make sure your posture is good, your head is held high and you greet the interviewer with a energetic smile and hello.

Tip 4 – Double check your breath!

Nothing worse than saying Hi to someone and being hit in the face with stinky breath.

Always keep mints or chewing gum in your purse or pocket!

Tip 5 – Research the company you are about to have an interview with.

Its always good to be prepared and have knowledge about your potential employer.

Tip 6 -Practice your answers

There are usually some common questions that are asked in any type of job interview. You would probably already know of some, if you’ve been job hunting for a while now.

The trick to these questions is to think about your answer now! BEFORE your interview has happened. That way, you can be prepared for the obvious!

Here are some questions to rehearse and practice:
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
2. What did you like/dislike about your previous employment?
3. Why did you apply for this role?
4. What can you bring to the table?
5. Name a situation in your previous job where you showed leadership or resolved an escalated problem.
6. How will your overall work experience/ethic benefit our company?

Tip 7 – Do you know what are your strengths and weaknesses?

This will definitely be a question asked during your interview.

Not only knowing the answer to this will help you during the interview, but it will also help YOU in life.

Learn what you are good at and maintain those strengths, but also recognise where you struggle in work.

Spend some time focusing on how you can achieve better to turn them into strengths as well.

Your weaknesses are not to be ashamed of during your interview.

You should turn them into positives and also let the interviewer understand how working for their company can help you to be better!

Tip 8 – Remember the interviewers name

That person could be your Boss next week! As always, when first meeting someone, the introduction of names is often overlooked and forgotten.

In this case, its important for YOU to remember, because at the end of your meeting, You Will:
1. Firmly Shake their hand
2. Thank them for their time
3. Mention you hope to start work with them soon
4. Finally say “Goodbye (Interviewer Name), it was a pleasure to meet with you and thank you once again for this opportunity.”

Your exit should be as strong as your entry, follow through with your success and you cannot fail.

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