How To Deal With An Early Job Interview

How To Deal With An Early Job Interview

Finding it hard to wake up early? Here’s how to deal with an early job interview!

The saying ‘Early bird gets the worm’, right?

Well, not all of us are like worms nor do we care to catch them. Sadly, in the world of jobseekers and the BPO companies that’s more than willing to hire you, squeeze all of the ideas out of you and then fire you the second someone is better comes along, most business process are carried out in the morning.

For this reason your grumpy attitude needs an immediate line of adjusting, well – if you want that job, at the least.

Reality is, your morning routines and not being a morning person interest nobody, everybody loves a cheerful face, particularly when they’re deciding on the kind of energy they’re bringing into the workplace.

Because of this, leave your grumpy morning attitude at home and deal with carrying your best face for the those who will likely be interviewing you.

Let’s go through a number of the tips and hacks to maintain your morning of jitters at bay and enable you to be the best version of your self.

1. Get up earlier

Interviews don’t often start earlier than eight – 9 AM which provides you plenty of opportunity to get up on time and provides your self some space to get up, have your coffee and breakfast, have a shower, do your hair and make-up (if relevant) and look sharp. The secret’s not to add fuel to the fire by dashing round and additionally increasing your already set levels of anxiety. Giving your self time to do all the things slowly and steadily will keep you focused and prepared.

2. Eat breakfast, even when you’re not hungry

Interviewing could be a nerve-wracking experience that tends to leave you with dry mouth and a knot in your stomach; despite the fact that the nervousness might have stolen your appetite, you will need to eat your breakfast prior to leaving the home because in any other case, you’re risking to faint/really feel sick or have your stomach growl in front of your interview. Avoid anything too sugary and eat meals that will keep you going you for a number of hours.

3. Take a MRT/Public Transport or depart earlier

Depending in your finances in the mean time of the interview and where the interview is taking place, the most suitable choice can be to take a public transport to avoid traffic and arrive in fashion. You’ll avoid having sweat patches in your underarm space, you won’t be late and you’ll have some peace to review final details of your CV that they might ask you about.

However, if taking a cab or going by bus or car isn’t an option, then depart early enough so that you won’t be late to the interview even in case you make a wrong turn or traffic is worse than you anticipated. When scheduling the interview, be sure to confirm the address you found online with the firm, just in case they relocated their offices.

4. Have a talk with yourself

The night before the interview, visualize how the interview will go and what may be potential questions you’ll be asked. Think about work conditions you may be presented with and the way you’ll respond; for instance, most firms these days work in shifts, work weekends, offer just one day off a week… Further, they have tracking devices such as online time attendance software that monitor your work performance, your punctuality and engagement. Would you be ready to leave your morning grumpiness aside and start fresh at 6AM? Prepare your answers and think about delivering them confidently. Visualize everything is working fine and that you are getting the job.

5. Check company’s updates on their website and social networks

You’ve probably already done your thorough research of the company prior to even applying for the job. However, a smart thing to do is check the firm’s website and social networks prior to leaving the house for the interview. The last thing you want is to look ridiculous and uninformed at the interview about some big company news that has broken recently and you don’t know anything about it. A smart thing to do is reference some of the company’s information during the interview.

6. Be ready when they call your name

Trying not to think about the interview itself and distract from any anxious thoughts about the impression we’ll leave, we tend to shift our attention to all-things-interesting in our phones, with a bottle of water at the table and a pile of stuff in our lap. When they call our name, we get surprised and start immediately (and frantically) scrambling to pull our stuff together and enter the interview room as quickly as possible. Not a good impression! You want to look calm and gathered, organized and professional when you are called in – so, carry as little stuff as you can to the interview so that you can easily get up from your chair and offer a hand to shake. When you introduce yourself, don’t forget to smile. There’s nothing that communicates positivity and confidence like a smile does. Although, make sure it’s a sincere one (the nervous ones are just creepy).

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