How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency

by exprosearch Admin December 23, 2015 3 min read

How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency

Sometimes businesses and jobseekers are somewhat hesitant to partner with a recruitment agency. This is often because they’ve had negative experiences in the past. Unfortunately, there are many unreputable “agencies” and consultants out there who make money while offering subpar (or downright useless) service. These are the ones you want to avoid. But how do you spot them? Here are a few warning signs to look out for when assessing recruitment companies.



If you’re working with a recruiter who seems a bit too sleek and “salesy,” this isn’t necessary a bad thing. But take caution if he or she starts overly pressuring you to go in a certain direction, whether as a candidate or a client business. Recruitment agencies that can’t handle you saying “no” are to be avoided. A good recruitment company will listen to your needs and place those as the priority, guiding you to make the best decisions for your career or your company.



When a recruitment agency isn’t bothering to give you personalised, attentive service, they’ll send just candidates to any job position available regardless of qualifications. This is a waste of your time and money. These bad recruitment agencies are merely trying to put bodies into jobs. A quality recruitment agency, however, will choose wisely and carefully who to consider for an organisation, seeking the best possible matches for both parties.


mismatchIn the same vein, these negative recruitment companies don’t seem to know what they’re doing (or perhaps don’t care). For jobseekers, being sent to an interview for an ill-fitting role is terribly frustrating and a poor use of your time. As a career professional, you want to work with a recruitment agency who takes the time to really get to know you, your experience, and your aspirations. This is the only method to generate successful employment solutions.


staff-turnoverHow would you feel if every time you called the recruitment agency, you were speaking to someone new? What if they didn’t know you by name or even recognise you as a client. This is unacceptable. Those types of recruitment agencies don’t care about building personal relationships with their clients and jobseekers. At Exprosearch Recruitment, making genuine connections is one of our guiding principles, and you’ll always work with the same team member.


background-check-screeningWhen you’ve applied in a recruitment company to find you the best company, salary compensation and working environment, you expect the best. But some substandard agencies don’t even bother to pre-screen applicants. This means you may end up being interviewed and unqualified to a job that is not fit for your role, giving poor advice and providing no consideration about location and travel time. Do what’s best for your career and work with a reputable, high quality recruitment agency.


feesRecruitment companies do charge a fee to their clients, as they are performing a specialised service that requires knowledge, skills, experience, and effort. But good recruitment agencies do not charge jobseekers for their services. This is unethical and undermines the value of the business. If an agency wants you to pay as a candidate, it’s time to head elsewhere.


With hundreds of recruitment agencies all over the Philippines the first thing a candidate can easily do is some research online. Don’t become a victim of illegal recruitment, as you know processing cases in the Philippines is slow the best thing is to avoid applying by checking first. Here is a check list which you can use to verify a legitimate recruitment company:EXPROSEARCH-VERIFICATION

  • Permits and Licences [BIR, DTI/SEC, NBI Clearance, Mayors Permit, Barangay Clearance, TIN, DOLE(PEA/PRPA)]
  • Physical Building Address
  • Company Website and Domain Email
  • Facebook Page is certified with a tick verification
  • Social Media Page Titles are consistent


Keeping an eye out for the red flags above should help you be able to more easily identify a bad recruitment agency. But always follow your gut. If something feels like it crosses the line, consider going to a different agency, one with an established reputation for excellence.

W’ed love to be that, Exprosearch Recruitment offers a wide range of recruitment services for jobseekers and clients alike. We pride ourselves on our integrity, dependability, and our strength in matching superb candidates with jobs they’ll love. Contact our team today for more information.

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