What To Expect In The Call Center Recruitment Process

What To Expect In The Call Center Recruitment Process

In recruiting, most call centres will run some type of interview process where they’ll ask a bunch of candidates to come along and be examined and be interviewed all at the same time. Sometimes call centres are inclined to recruit groups of agents at a time, as it’s more economical approach to do so.

A typical job process will include assessments on:

  • Typing ability and accuracy as data entry is very important (so if you can’t type or are out of practice then you may want to get in some practice).
  • Numerical tests especially where the centre provides information on figures
  • Telephone call role plays where the candidate may be given some information and they have to answer questions from someone on a phone
  • Listening skills where someone again over a phone will tell you information and they have to complete an exercise about it.

More on Vocal Exams:

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The role performs are normally primarily based on the type of call that an agent might sometimes get. For sales agents there can even be position performs to check their potential promoting abilities and for service agents some customer support situations which can include an irate customer.

There can even be an interview which is normally a minimal of two people with one asking questions and one writing notes. The questions will ask you to provide examples of conditions that you’ve been in.

Example Questions:

  • How you dealt with a difficult customer?
  • When you were able to persuade a customer to do something
  • What good customer service means to you
  • When you have provided excellent customer service
  • What was the most rewarding sale you made and why
  • When you have worked in a team to achieve a great result (if you are just leaving school then you may be a member of a club or sports team
  • Previous relevant experiences – note this does not have to include work in a call centre
  • How you may have dealt with a difficult situation in the past

Interviews are sometimes nerve wrecking, however if you plan before hand by considering of some answers to the above questions going by your experience in life, not simply work could also be included.

The interviewers are taking notes on how your experience could benefit their company, how knowledgeable you’re of the BPO industry and how you could apply the information and expertise if you were chosen to work for them.


If your answer to ‘How did you deal with an irate customer?’ is to teach the customer a lesson on biegn rude, then it is unlikely that they would want you in a customer service role.


You were able to show confidence with the interviewer in a story telling way how you turned an unhappy customer to a happy one who in return refers other network of friends to increase sales for the company, then this is more likely to be the type of person they would want.

Other suggestions are to think about what the product the organisation may either sell or what industry they work in.

For example if they are in the travel and fashion industry, think about how important it is to be given the right information by the person who sold your policy or read a bit about what is happening in the industry at the moment.

If you can recall previous experiences that you have had and relate these in the interview it all helps, even if you don’t have any experience you can somehow deliver a good story line that is realistic and convince the interviewer.

For example we were renting a car for a holiday in Manila and the Agent suggested we hire a jeep to enable us to do mountain sight seeing – this was not something we had thought about, but the Agent knew as they had been there themselves.

Also do ask questions at the interview as it should be a two way process – you want them to like you but they also want you to like the company.

Things to ask:

  • What are the typical working hours?
  • How are shift patterns worked out – how much notice will you be given?
  • What is the benefits package?
  • Is there more than salary?
  • Will you be eligible for the benefits as soon as you join?
  • Do you have to work evenings, or weekends? If so how often?
  • If you have to work very late at night – are there any means for getting home?
  • What induction training will you be given and how long does it last for?
  • How many holidays per year and when are you entitled to have them from?
  • What support are you given on completion of your induction training when you start taking calls?
  • If part of the salary is commission, then how is this worked out and how often do you get paid it?
  • Do you have a probationary period?
  • What are the age groups of people in the centre at the moment?
  • What is the average length of service?
  • How does the key performance indicators work?
  • Do you receive regular feedback from your Team Leader/Manager?
  • Are there any team building activities?

Also ask to see around the centre where you will work and ask to speak to an existing Agent. This gives you a feel for what it may be like to work there and also to get the view of someone who already does!

The more you are aware in regards to the job process and the organisation before you join, the more knowledgeable your decision may be and the more likely you’ll be to remain working for the organisation. It is extremely vital for the organisation to get the recruitment proper as the method itself is expensive, however employing the wrong or unhappy candidate will impact ongoing performance and customer business.

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